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MyXaaS Innovation Platform

Finexus offers ready-to-go SDK and APIs built on our diverse network of licenses, designed to accelerate the rapid development of startups in the FinTech ecosystem. Aspiring entrepreuneurs gain direct technical mentorship and support from our successful technologists, with access to co-working spaces and networking events in multiple locations.

Everything as a Service

Infrastructure, Software and Financial

We believe the future of Malaysia economy is in the revolution of its digital industry. Technology is the driving force in our world today. Our digital sector is a new strategic growth sector.

FINEXUS is able to bring in strategic value, experience and expertise to advance national digital objectives by offering its innovative use of diverse technologies via the
"MyXaaS Innovation Platform."

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Our Automated Customer Due Diligence (ACDD) streamlines background checks, evaluating risk for individuals or businesses in e-KYC and e-KYB, complementing our AIV solution.


Using computer vision and deep learning, Applicants Identification and Verification (AIV) allows remote onboarding through a mobile app, enhancing e-KYC and ACDD processes.


Integrate with our APIs to build an eWallet connected to Prepaid Visa or Mastercard, providing your customers the choice to make payments using Visa or Mastercard.

PayMaster Merchant Plug-In

Designed to facilitate various payment gateway functions, including debit/credit cards, QR codes, and online banking/wallet transactions.

Kayaaku POS

A cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) system designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle transactions and manage operations.

Retail Payment Gateway

A system that provides the functionalities needed to connect Partner’s system to PayNet RPP Host to perform DuitNow Credit Transfer.


Browse through our catalogue to discover a variety of features, selecting the perfect solutions for your needs.


Read and navigate through our comprehensive documentation and guidelines to learn how you can connect our APIs into your systems.


Create your own access to our Sandbox environment to access our APIs and SDKs once you're ready to start building.